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Micropure Purifiers

British Doufeld (R) Products can be purchased online
Kindly go through the products listed below and select the product you wish to purchase.
Though the prices mentioned are MRP, but actual selling prices will be much less. Please let us know the products you want by email below, so that we can quote the best competitive prices. Please note that all taxes, packing and courier charges are included in the prices.

Micropure with 10" Doulton UK Candle

Pentapure with 10" Doulton UK candle

Aquatek 10 with 10" 5 Micron 3Mcandle

Aquatek 20 with 20" 5 Micron 3Mcandle

Gravity SS with 7" Doulton
UK Candle

Aquapure with 10" OBE Doulton UK candle

Aquaclean with 10" 5 Micron
3 M candle

Washotek with 5" 5 Micron 3 M candle

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