About Us

British Doufeld water purifiers were first manufactured in the year 1995 and quickly gained reputation as a dependable and cost effective means of providing safe drinking water.

As the reputation of these products spread across, the British Doufeld name became synonymous with high quality and reliability.

Today the British Doufeld name is still the preferred choice for water purification products in all locations where outbreaks of illness are associated with unreliable water supplies. Sterasyl ® (R) Candles are approved worldwide by: NSF, WRC, WRAS, CICS, ISO 9002

Our specialities

Anti-bacterial formulation
Prevents microbiological growth within the ceramic element.
Retains Essential Minerals
Keeps the minerals beneficial to health.

No Power Required
Cost effective to run. Works Without Power..

High Efficiency Filter
99.99% plus filtration of bacteria, cysts and particles.
Long Life / Value for Money
Cleanable filter surface for prolonged life.

Quality approved by UK,USA and Indian companies