Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis Purification: 

RO purifier has a low pH value.  Prolonged consumption of low pH water has adverse effects such as increasing the risk of Kidney disorders and gastrointestinal troubles.  RO purifiers may reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Sediments) levels below the recommended values resulting in a negative impact on human health.  

Water Clogging: The small pores of a RO membrane system can become clogged and the system must be routinely maintained which is expensive.  Once you have purchased the system and had it installed it can produce more expenses per litre of water.    RO filters provide more waste water than purified water, which is distressing. 

Side effects of consuming RO water:  Consuming RO demineralised water causes debilitating symptoms such as headache, tiredness and weakness, muscular cramp, and impaired heart rate along with a negative secretion, kidney function and bone mineral density.  

Bacterial growth in RO water tank:   RO is not designed to remove bacteria.  In fact, we now know that bacteria can grow inside the tank and that in some cases, such bacteria can be detriment to some individuals.   RO tanks can literally become incubators for bacteria, that scary! 

Removal of Minerals: RO removed more than 90-99.99% of all contaminants including essential minerals from drinking water supply which is harmful to human beings. RO filters out calcium, zinc, magnesium, which are essential salts needed by body.  Environmentalist Groups have convinced the national green tribunal to ban the use of RO Systems 

RO works on electricity. 

Disadvantages of UltraVoilet (UV) Purifiers

UV-C light can penetrate human skin and cause damage or injury to the person who is handing lit.  UV light is only able to eliminate micro-organisms in water and does not remove any other contaminants such as heavy metals, salts, lead, asbestos fibres or man made substances like petroleum products or pharmaceuticals. 

UV purifiers work on electricity and any variation in voltage the purifier cannot work. 

UV radiation cannot disinfect all micro-organisms in water it can only disinfect what is facing the UV light.   Bacteria are moving in the water in groups of millions and what are exposed to the light will be disinfected.  More over the 5 Micron pre filter in UV purifier cannot remove the sediments which are larger than the pathogenic bacteria, which can hide behind the sediments and avoid the UV light to save its lives. 

UV light is kept in a closed chamber to avoid human and whether the bulbs are working or not is anybody’s guess and if they are not working you will be drinking impure water! 

The disinfection takes time and is not instantaneous therefore one cannot decide the water is ready to drink or not.  The disinfected water must be consumed within 24

Hours and prolonged storage will generate green fungus in stored water. 

Disadvantages of Boiled water: 



Active dissolved oxygen will get evaporated during boiling.  Fishes and plants in the water cannot sustain life in boiled water and Vital organs in human body cannot get sufficient oxygen from water.   Since there is no filtration of the boiled water all impurities such as heavy metal, lead, asbestos fibres, essential salts etc. which are causes of dangerous diseases. 

To kill all the micro-organisms water must be boiled for 30 minutes.   It is very expensive to boil water as cooking gas prices are exorbitant now-a-days.  Difficulties associated with boiling water such as boiling, cooling, and filtering with clothes and must be very careful while handling boiled water. 

Colour, taste, odour will be lost after boiling.   Boiling is the surest method to kill disease causing organisms including virus, bacteria, parasites etc. But not the dangerous disease causing heavy metals, lead, asbestos fibres, arsenic, flurides, essential salts which are present your well or river water.  


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